Horse dragging a sleigh

Winter Activities

Winter in Tucker County, West Virginia, is as recreationally active as it is long.  Childhood dreams of ice skating outside as snowflakes fall from the sky is reality at the Canaan Valley State Park Ice Rink.   Check out the latest fad in mountain biking by renting a fat-tire snow-bike from the Blackwater Bikes fleet in Davis, and head out on over 100 miles of frozen Tucker County tundra.  If winter activities are a little intimidating, snowshoe rentals are the first step in the right direction, and if that is still doesn’t cut it, horse drawn sleigh rides while taking in vistas of Canaan Valley are an excellent option.   

White Grass XC Touring Center

White Grass Country Touring Center For more than 30 years, White Grass Cross Country Touring Center has been offering cross country skiing, snowshoeing, telemarking and...

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Cliff view looking out onto the valley

Blackwater Falls State Park

Visit Blackwater Falls via bike: Blackwater Falls is a very convenient park to visit and see most all of the sights. In some ways it...

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