Scenic view of black water falls


Waterfall Bonanza: Blackwater Falls State Park is as much a vertical landscape as it is horizontal. Start with the crowd pleasers Elekala Falls and Blackwater Falls. Want to make this experience an adventurous one, seek out Pendleton Falls and if the water is low enough rock scramble all of Pendleton Run. Next head to Thomas and nearby Douglas Falls, located along the Allegheny Rail Trail in the old coal mining town of Douglas. Continue down river on the rail grade for additional cascading waterfalls on Big Run and its impressive hand-cut stone arch bridge.

Cliff view looking out onto the valley

Blackwater Falls State Park

Visit Blackwater Falls via bike: Blackwater Falls is a very convenient park to visit and see most all of the sights. In some ways it...

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Dolly Sods

The Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Area is one of the Monongahela National Forest’s most treasured natural assets. Situated atop one of the highest plateaus...

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