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Tucker County is home to one of the most diverse and active arts communities in the region. The towns together boast seven art galleries, 12 open door studios, several venues which host live music, numerous businesses that actively show local art, and a rotating exhibition at the courthouse in the county seat. There’s also an arts festival – ArtSpring, a film festival – Plum Tuckered Film Festival, and an acclaimed music festival – Pickin’ in Parsons.

The unique natural beauty of the area has long been an attraction to artists wishing to draw inspiration from this diverse, pristine area. At the same time, many contemporary and non-traditional artists are drawn to the area for its creative community, producing pieces one would expect to find in an urban setting. The diversity of resident artists yields an unexpected and impressive show of work spread across the area. Wandering through the shops, restaurants galleries, and studios, it’s clear to see how the arts are an integral part of the identity of Tucker County.

Buxton & Landstreet Gallery & Studios

A lighthouse for Appalachian and regional artists. Featuring Fine Furniture, Glassware, Jewelry, Ceramics, Textiles and Fine Art/Mixed Media. Affordable Studio Rentals and private space for...

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Lamplight Gallery

Lamplight is a unique art gallery in the mountains of Thomas, West Virginia. The work Lamplight carries is a reflection of the belief in empowering...

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Creature Art Gallery sign


Seth Pitt’s visual art mixes imagination with reality, creating a colorful feast for the eyes. Hailing from Michigan, Pitt has found his way to West...

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The White Room Art Gallery

The White Room Art Gallery is an active gallery calling several resident artist a part of the artistic co-op that has blossomed in Thomas, West...

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