Beautiful waterfalls


Cool mountain air and low humidity are found in one of West Virginia’s highest elevated counties, this alone makes escaping the low lands and surrounding major metropolitan areas worthwhile. A mountain outdoor recreationalist paradise is what we are, plain and simple.

Pitch black skies in one of the darkest spaces found on the east coast is an astronomer’s paradise.

Our historical small towns are full of character, in a modest easy-going sense.   After a full day of enjoying the outdoors, there are just enough antique shops, art galleries, live music, breweries, and restaurant’s to have a relaxing stroll through Davis, Parsons, or Thomas. 

Plenty of festivals accompany summer such as Celebration of the Arts at Canaan Valley Resort, Mountaineer Days Fourth of July in Thomas, and Pickin’ in Parsons Bluegrass Festival.

Top Tucker Trip Suggestion: Sleep Outside.  You don’t always have to drop hard earned coin on lodging, spend the night outside under the stars.  If this is not for you, think about the kids, they could be into it, I highly recommend encouraging youngsters to try a night sleeping outside.  It is an amazing experience when the mind begins to wander into the star studded quiet of the night.  Keep any eye out for the big dipper.  Build a campfire!  Bring from home a sleeping pad and sleeping bag and to think, if the weather turns, get up and walk inside to the comfort and security of a bed.

Cliff view looking out onto the valley

Blackwater Falls State Park

Visit Blackwater Falls via bike: Blackwater Falls is a very convenient park to visit and see most all of the sights. In some ways it...

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Timberline Resort

Timberline Four Seasons Resort is located high up along the higher range of the Alleghany Mountains in West Virginia. With its 4268-foot summit, you...

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Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest just might be the definitive high-mountain forest experience that includes roughly a million acres and reaches an elevation of 4,863 feet...

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Potomac Highlands

Experience the dramatic scenery and iconic landmarks as you travel to the Potomac Highlands in West Virginia. Tell your family and friends you traveled up...

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Blackwater Outdoor Adventures

Blackwater Outdoor Adventures sits on the banks of the Cheat River in historic St. George, West Virginia. Canoe, tubing, and whitewater enthusiasts have recently discovered...

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Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area

The 3,168 acres of “Little Canaan” wetland complex located near Davis provides countless opportunities for the hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Access this property from Camp...

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Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

The Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge is located in the largest high elevation valley east of the Rockies. This is 16,000 unspoiled acres of wild...

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Patriots 4 Outdoor Resort

Patriots 4 is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Outdoor Recreation Facility dedicated to providing outdoor activities to wounded military veterans and their families. Pet Friendly...

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Five River Campground

Nestled in the scenic hills of West Virginia near the Monongahela National Forest, Five River Campground is the perfect place to spend time with family...

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Dolly Sods

The Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Area is one of the Monongahela National Forest’s most treasured natural assets. Situated atop one of the highest plateaus...

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