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If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, Tucker County should definitely be on your bucket list. Hundreds of miles of single track trails, railroad grades and dirt roads are found here, most of which can be accessed by Tucker’s biking hub—the town of Davis. The vast network of well-maintained trails that weaves through Tucker County’s secluded lands allows firsthand access to a world of natural wonder.

Mountain Bike Mecca: Over 100 miles of world-class single-track riding are found in Tucker County. Of these, 75% can be accessed from the town of Davis, also home to the county’s full-scale bike shop. Since the early 1980s, riders have called this home to some of the country’s largest races and professional racers. It’s that good!

Unique to Parsons, WV are two opportunities wrapped around relaxing outdoor experiences.  Many are familiar with what a rail trail is, and we have a wonderful one call the Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail, extending from Elkins WV, through the heart of downtown Parsons, to Hendricks.  I am a fan of the early bike ride before the heat of the day, which is almost a must for the second half of this itinerary.

Rail Trails

The Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail is a 21-mile rail bed running from Parsons to Elkins. It meanders through woods and fields with National Forest trailhead intersecting along the way. The Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail is a 10-mile reclaimed rail line that starts in Thomas and proceeds through the majestic Blackwater Canyon. Featuring historic coke ovens, several bridges and of course the grandeur of the canyon itself, this trail is awe-inspiring.

One of the top requests from visitors is if there is a shuttle service available for the rail trail.  There is now! Blackwater Bikes offers this highly sought after amenity.

Bike Packing

Tucker County is the ultimate place to experience this wildly popular trend. Grab your bike, a couple days’ food and shelter and explore hundreds of miles of trails and gravel roads through the Monongahela National Forest.

Blackwater Bikes in Davis is one of West Virginia’s premier bike shops. Certified mechanics and enthusiasts are on hand to keep you and your bike going strong.

Mountain Trails

Brown Mountain Trail, a 2-mile trail of moderate difficulty, winds through the forest with a gently increasing grade that leads to Brown Mountain Overlook Trail. Tucker County is high-mountain paradise and with an elevation of 4,000 feet, Canaan Loop passes by Red Spruce forest, cranberry bogs and a native trout stream.

From super technical riding on the Yellow Birch Trail, to double-track simplicity on the Red Spruce route, Blackwater Falls State Park has it all. For even more adventure, the Canaan Mountains Backcountry can be accessed via the Davis trail. Plantation Trail, Canaan Valley’s most famous single track, has virtually endless loops that cross and branch off.

Beginner and novice-friendly, Dobbin House features 15 miles of buff single track and is an opportunity to experience the must-see Pase Point overlook. Hybrid bike-friendly, Camp 70 offers trail access to Moon Rocks, Trials and the newer Splash Dam trail.

Visit Blackwater Falls via bike:  Blackwater Falls is a very convenient parks to visit and see most all of the sights.  In some ways it is a shame folks drive from one overlook to another, and spend little time actually being a part of the park experience.  Park in the Town of Davis, Blackwater Falls State Park has a service road that extends all the way into Davis, just on the side of the Blackwater River.  If you do not have your own bike, rent one from Blackwater Bikes in Davis, and grab a quality map of Blackwater Falls State Park from the Tucker County information center.  Bring a lunch, water, and camera for a full day of exploring West Virginia’s most popular park by bike.

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Visit Blackwater Falls via bike: Blackwater Falls is a very convenient park to visit and see most all of the sights. In some ways it...

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